Knee pain - Patellofemoral syndrome.

18th November 2014

Do you have pain at the fornt of the knee? Is it vague in location, painful to sit for prolonged periods, ascend or descend stairs and hills, squat or kneel? Do you have a clicking patella (knee cap)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may well have patello-femoral sydrome.

Good news though-Patello-femoral syndrome is extremely common, and the team at New England Spinal and sports Physiotherapy are experts in the management of this disabling but very manageable condition.

What is Patello-femoral syndrome?

Any pain arising from the joint between the patella and femur falls under this blanket term. It is  the most common cause of pain in the knee and can arise at any age for a multitude of reasons. Common causes include, hyper-mobility/ hypo-mobility, poor mechanics at the hip or foot, other injuries or surgery to the knee, poor sporting biomechanics, (especially running and jumping technique), overuse ( and tragically, increasingly, underuse!)

How do we treat patello-femoral syndrome?

Like all conditions, management is based on a thorough assessment initially to confirm the diagnosis, rule out other possible conditions and then address the underlying causes. Treatment may include;

  • Exercise to balance muscle forces around the knee and leg as a whole.
  • Motor control programmes to develop better/safer movement patterns (of you as a whole)
  • Taping, kinesio or traditional.
  • Custom or temporary foot orthotics.
  • Training modifications.

So what do you do now?

Pain relief is only a call away, so don't delay! Give us a call and one of our friendly team will see you at your earliest convenience to get you on the path to happy painfree function.

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